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  • This video shows the process of drawing a portrait of a young boy (my brother Dave) beginning at an outline and sketch which then evolves into a realistic portrayal. Attempting to capture the essence of an individual by recreating their 3-dimensional features by way of a 2-dimensional method can be quite challenging. One of the many reasons I thoroughly enjoy portraiture is the intimacy I get spending countless hours staring and studying that person’s face. And when done successfully, I find great satisfaction in knowing that I have offered the viewer a glimpse into not only the spirit of the model but of myself as the artist also. Through this process, transformation occurs and a new “being” is formed – the fusion of two people. As artists, we are blessed with the ability to not only become the vessel through which the work is created, but the model and viewer as well. Thanks for watching!

    “Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul” Vincent Van Gogh

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