!!! Mugs & Mini Masterpieces Coming Soon !!!

About the Artist

Welcome All! 

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Saizana Bradbury. I am a self-taught artist interested in creating artwork that elicits contemplation, self-reflection, and inspiration; a nurse by "trade", artist by "divine calling". Despite a childhood propensity toward the arts, it wasn't until a mandatory lay-off from a stressful job, feeling overwhelmed and longing for serenity, that I found myself reaching for my granddaughter's Dollar Tree watercolor palette and piece of paper. Following that inaugural reclamation, two nursing jobs, and nearly eight years later, my compulsion to create has become my soul/sole ambition. It's been a long and arduous - yet rewarding - expedition.

For years now, I've been working toward building a business, full-time, doing what I love. Knowing little to nothing about financial acumen; it wasn't until I completed an MBA program in March 2020 that I felt confident enough to attempt such an undertaking. While gearing up to finally execute the lengthy business plan I so diligently constructed, the COVID-19 pandemic was announced.  I couldn't help but feel defeated. Days later while watching the news, barraged by the unrelenting photos of the virus molecule, I saw a commercial for insurance. Once the Statue of Liberty flashed before my eyes, I became fixated. Completing what would later become a 16-month-long work of art and springboard from which I chose to debut my new business, I am forever grateful for COVID; for gratitude has an interesting way of changing one's attitude. 

Many blessings,